i never realize how much i swear until i’m in a situation where i can’t

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"My therapist asked me to tell her about you, and i wanted to tell her that you broke my heart. I wanted to tell her about the things you did, that made me so fucking mad. I wanted to tell her about the way you gave up on me, but instead, i told her that your eyes were the most beautiful thing i’d ever seen and about your hands, i told her about your laugh, about how you hated the way i lost my mind sometimes. I told her you were the best person i’d ever had the chance to meet, though few people realized that. I told her you were the only thing i thought about when one shot had turned into four and four had turned into ten. I told her about that time you said you loved me, and i told her that you made me feel pain in places i did not know existed. I told her your hair curled perfectly, and your voice made me feel like a child on christmas day. I told her i loved you. All of you. And i was thankful for the couple months you stayed."
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"It’s not the feeling that he left me that makes me sad, it’s the feeling I wasn’t good enough in some way and he decided to chose another."
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"I miss how you wanted me."
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